Richard Dennys, CEO

Richard has over 20 years’ experience of starting, growing and selling digital businesses. He’s an expert at driving international growth and maximising shareholder value through the optimisation of  sales, marketing and digital functions.

Richard has recently been appointed CEO of Webgains Group, taking responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the company across all its operating locations in the US, UK and mainland Europe. He has a deep interest in ‘disruptive’ technologies, particularly their use and efficiency in personal learning and development.

Richard previously held senior management positions across Europe for the BBC, Qype, Nokia, Moonfruit and UK Government-backed TechCity UK. He was on the senior management team of during its sale to in 2012. He is a Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Can you describe your role at Webgains?

I’m the CEO, which means making sure we have enough loo roll and coffee for everyone, amongst other things.

Which markets do you think are the ones to watch this year?

China, Indonesia, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland

What’s the last thing you bought online?

Bought or paid for? “Bought” would be I mostly buy hotels and flights online, and the occasional bike accessory. “Paid for” is endless make up and clothes for my teenage daughters.. I can’t really complain since much of it is from our clients via our lifestyle blogger network.

What do you think 2017 has in store for ecommerce?

More growth of course but also a shift in the way we buy. I also predict a consolidation of many businesses as they focus on making profits rather than aggressively taking market share. We also might see some price inflation coming along the way pretty soon as supply prices adjust to currency fluctuations.

What do you get up to when you’re not in work?

Other than relaxing/collapsing each weekend with my family at home in rural North Somerset, I get in as much cycling as I can. I’m a member of TechBikers and last year I cycled from Paris to London and next year will be from Vienna to Budapest

What one social media channel could you not live without?

It really changes from month to month. I was big on LinkedIn then Twitter but just now I really do like Instagram as it acts as my photo diary. I tried Snapchat for a while to keep up with my kids but it bugged the hell out of me, then they just blocked me! I’m just not target market I guess.

Describe yourself in three words.

1. Big
2. Bold
3. Bristolian (adopted since 1999)